by Robin S., guest blogger

IMG_4392Outer Banks, NC. Harry and I are spending our second summer together.  When we first met last year, I watched him get out of his car.  It was hot, and we were both sweaty.  His golden hair blew faintly in the summer breeze. I noticed his beautiful, soulful eyes right away.  We would walk the beach, but Harry was very tentative about the water, which surprised me. His brothers bounded into the waves fearlessly. I thought that Harry might have trust issues.

            We’re back again this year, Harry and I.  He’s a bit more grizzled, in a soulful, handsome way.  He’s still got those beautiful eyes. We’ve walked the beach, and Harry’s not as afraid of the water as he used to be.  He’s more trusting of the world in general.  Slow and steady progress.

            We both leave in 3 days.  Hopefully, we’ll see each other again next summer. We’ll both be a little older and wiser. Maybe next year, when I let him off the leash, he’ll come bounding back to me.