by Judy Leaver, guest blogger

Saturday, February 6, 2:30 p.m. Delray Beach, FL

I am sitting on a bench that honors two men named Frank. “Frank Veale and Frank Bergin, two friends who shared many happy times together with their families in Delray Beach.” I am positioned on the bench so the Atlantic is on my left and Ocean Blvd is on my right. IMG_2570 For an anti-cold weather person who was landlocked in Missouri during my formative years and two decades beyond that in Oklahoma, I have done my time in the middle of the country with its associated winter weather. I am not a wimpy winter-weather ranter. I rant from experience as a fair and foul weather walker.

I am on a two-month ‘pre-release’ arrangement from my home in Washington, D.C.  and am a bit smug in the knowledge that the Nation’s Capital is at this very moment getting hammered by the snowstorm IMG_2455of the century. I am confused. I thought that storm already happened in December.  I was there for it. The falling powder was beautiful and the pre-storm zaniness with my neighbors on Capitol Hill was a hoot. But the aftermath… climbing over dirty piles to reach the sidewalk, wading through slurpy slush up to (and sometimes over) the summit of my boots, the treachery of black ice, the sodden aftermath.

What is the aftermath of a 72-degree sunny day in Delray? A healthy glow to your skin, the natural anti-depressant of another brilliant day, the astonishing azure and green in the Atlantic, cottony clouds that highlight a shamelessly blue sky, the predictable push/pull of the tides, and the rustle of palm fronds in the breeze to lull you to sleep. IMG_2582

There are no cross-country skiers, snow angels or snowball fights here.  Just kite-surfers, roller-bladers and vitamin D seekers.  I’ll take the latter, thank you very much.


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