Donna Morris, founder of Best Friend in Paris

Donna Morris, founder of Best Friend in Paris

I get to Paris a lot (three times this year alone). Every time I go, I’m surprised at how much more there is to discover in the city. I can stay for two weeks and still leave with more things on my list that I didn’t get to. I’m always learning new parts of the city.


                  One reason I enjoy Paris so much is that I have a best friend who lives there. Donna Morris shows me where the really good markets are, takes me to restaurants I’d never have found on my own. We explore sites outside the city, and we browse the parks and green spaces. Last time I was there, she took me to her local wine shop in the 17th, where the neighbors all gather for a glass and a chat after work. We’ve visited an authentic hammam in St. Denis and the most expensive bra shop in Paris. She knows where to buy vintage couture or a handmade umbrella.

                  Here’s the good news about Donna: she can be your “temporary” best friend in Paris too. She takes people on wine bar tours (she really, really knows her stuff), helps women organize their girlfriend getaways and plans perfect romantic interludes for couples. (Donna says she got the idea for Romantic Paris when she observed that people are kissing everywhere in Paris.) If you play tennis (I don’t), she can book you onto a clay court or show you around the stadium where the French Open is played.

                  Donna’s been living in Paris for three years. She’s fluent in French, and she’s passionate about her city. I’m constantly amazed at how many people she knows. When Donna recommends a cooking class or a private tour guide, she knows the people personally and can help you choose what suits you best.

                  So here’s my advice: If you want somebody to help you really get to know Paris, talk to Donna. It’s no accident that her company is named Best Friend in Paris. That’s exactly what the experience will feel like.