By Nancy LeRoy, Guest Blogger

IMG_0720September 25, 2009. It was a very long day, again. I got to Lake Havasu City, AZ around 4:30 p.m. today, Friday September 25 – after a 10-hour drive from Tucumcari, NM. The scenery on the road was mostly desert, from the pink-ish beige of New Mexico to the dusty beige and rocky Arizona.  The desert was dressed up though, thanks to recent rains, especially in New Mexico where splashes of yellow blossoms spilled spread river washes, creating gullies of color. The side of the road was dotted with purple sage fading out into a dusty green mat of scrubby low grasses dotted with dark green bushes that look like in the dryer season they’ll turn into the song-worthy tumbling tumbleweed.

The temperature in Lake Havasu City AZ is 106.  It’s not true that it’s “not the heat, it’s the humidity.” It’s the heat definitely. Walking outside I feel like I’m enclosed in thick, heated cotton candy.

I lived it up tonight and had dinner in the motel dining room.  Alone, I noticed all the couples, people my age, married, doing whatever trip they’re doing together.  I’m an anomaly, a woman my age traveling alone.  There must be more like me.  Where are they?  Is it only these couples who’ve made it successfully to old age together who get out and about?  Occasionally I strike up a conversation in the parking lot r at a gas station ad there’s always surprise expressed by the couple standing near my car or as I unload in the parking lot. The conversation starts with my DC license plate but it always goes quickly to “You’re traveling alone?”  I smile at the portly, gray haired couple, so much a matched set, and say, “Yes.”

I wandered out into the parking lot tonight to get sandals from the car trunk and noticed all of the big powerboats out there.  IMG_0719Three young men were sitting near their boat and I asked if I could take their picture.  They said they’re in Lake Havasu, like the many others whose boats are in the parking lot, for a big bass fishing festival, contest, or gathering – I wasn’t quite sure which. They wanted me to be sure to take a photo of the notice pasted on to the back of their huge truck that touted the event.

Tomorrow I head out to San Luis Obispo, my last stop before I settle into Esalen.  It’s only a seven-hour driving day, which after yesterday and today seems like nothing.