dscf01092One of the great pleasures of walking in another country is going down to the local grocery and carefully selecting the cheese you’ve never heard of to eat for lunch. It’s not possible to buy a chunk of cheese small enough to eat in one day. The cheese guy always moves the knife just as he makes that first cut. You end up with a hunk the size of a lumberjack’s fist. So I plop it into a plastic bag and carry it around day after day till the color changes and I’m scared to eat any more of it.

When my friend Caren and I were in Slovenia, we often stayed out in the countryside where we couldn’t buy our own lunches, so the hotels supplied them. These lunches were invariably generous and tasty….but clearly assembled by people who don’t have any concept of pack weight. This picture is part of a lunch made for us by the Hotel Maestoso at the Lipica Stud Farm. It consisted of two huge sandwiches, a yogurt, a boiled egg, a bottle of vitamin water, an orange, and a box of juice. Caren dutifully carried all of her lunch, but I ditched the yogurt, the water and the orange to lessen the weight. We ate on this lunch for a couple of days. Oddly, the one thing it didn’t contain was prosciutto, which seems to be the Official Food of the Karst, the area of Slovenia we were walking in.