I live alone. I eat out a lot – at least one meal a day, almost every day. I’m not much of a cook.

Abol Ethiopian restaurant, Silver Spring, MD

But I do have my favorite “home-cooked” meals, and this is one of them. True, the actual cooking is done in the kitchen of Abol, my favorite Ethiopian restaurant down the street. But this is a delicious treat I’ve invented all by myself.


All leftovers from an Ethiopian dinner (vegetables, meat, fish, whatever)

1 or 2 rolls of injera, the clammy grey bread, broken into small pieces

2 T olive oil

Swirl olive oil into a skillet at medium heat. Dump in all other ingredients and heat well, stirring occasionally. It’s done when the injera has broken down into a tasty mush that begins to brown on the bottom of the pan.

It doesn’t matter what leftovers you have —  beef or lamb, chicken, fish, hardboiled egg, chick peas, beets, cabbage, green beans, berbere lentils, tomato fitfit, onions, peppers. It just all goes into the skillet and miraculously tastes great all smushed up together.

(Actually, now that I’m avoiding grains, I skip the injera. I just heat up all the leftovers together. You don’t get the fabulous mushy effect, but the taste is just as good.)

I haven’t included a photo because this hash slightly resembles a compost pile on the plate — formlessly  brown and green. Serve on Wedgewood china accompanied by Christofle silverware, with a colorful cloth napkin from Provence. Eat while alone. Goes great with Diet Coke.