IMG_4337Here I am in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our days mainly consist of lying in the sun at the beach, lying in the sun at the pool, going to the gym, eating seafood, taking the dogs out for a run. Repeat.

                  But this morning was a completely different experience. Larry Calvert, one of the guys in our house, baked a batch of his fabulous couture cookies. We sat rapt watching him create fancy ladies’ bathing suit cookies and colorful ice cream cones. To create his designs, Larry used a pastry bag to draw outlines along the edges and build texture. He flooded the spaces between with colored icing, then embellished the backgrounds with hand-decorated lines and swirls.

                  Larry is so meticulous with his designs that he used kitchen tweezers to remove any broken sugar confetti pieces. IMG_4316The cookies are truly art…and then he suggested that the rest of us give decorating a shot. Mark did pretty well, but everybody saw that making a couture cookie is a lot harder than it looks. The whole process takes hours over a couple of days.

                  Larry makes custom cookies for all kinds of events. If you want to dazzle your friends, check out Toute Sweet Cookies. And good news, he can overnight you a batch.