About Donna Morris

Hi, I’m Donna. I’m not your average “tour guide.” I’m not a concierge. I don’t lecture. I don’t overload you with history. I don’t take you around in a large group and I don’t use a tour bus.

Instead, using our feet, the local underground (métro) and city buses, I’ll show you what I know from living in Paris, both the major monuments and the tiny streets you wouldn’t find for yourself. We’ll talk; we’ll laugh; we’ll pause for a coffee and a pastry or a glass of wine. We’ll go at your pace, moving quickly or stopping to look at things more closely.

storyboard016Ever since I moved to Paris in 2006, I’ve been meeting people and exploring the city. Now I’m a local, and love nothing better than showing my friends the “real” Paris.

I learned French years ago, when living in Switzerland. I was born in Texas, grew up in North Carolina, and I’m still a southern girl at heart. But I’ve also lived in New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., four of the most international cities in the United States. I’m a graduate of Queens College in Charlotte, North Carolina and while in Washington, I earned an MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

I spent many years in event management and fundraising for organizations like the International Red Cross and Digital Equipment. I once worked for a yacht chartering company selling parties on beautiful yachts.  I’m a knowledgeable wine aficionado and love to drink, talk about, and enjoy wine with friends (and will happily introduce you to wine in Paris).storyboard030

When I’m not discovering new corners of Paris, I play tennis and ride my bike through the Bois de Bologne and the back roads of France. I cherish the time I have with friends trying out new restaurants and watching the French Open.  And when I nostalgically think about my old life in America, I realize that I’m a very lucky girl who now lives in a small apartment in the 8th  Arrondissement at the top of a beautiful Haussmannian building with views of the old rooftops of Paris in the distance…