img_38861We All Souls pilgrims are a diverse bunch: young and old, black and white, straight and gay, experienced backpackers and first time hikers, couples and singles, slow walkers and speedsters. Most of us had never met till we all signed up for this trip to Santiago Compostela in Spain. So how will we manage ourselves and create a community on our walk?

            Associate minister Shana Lynngood has been leading us in a series of meetings to talk about our intentions for the hike. We’ve made lists of things we hoped for in our community. My main concern: no meals with 15 people sitting at one long table.

            Because we won’t walk the whole way as a big group, we’ve agreed to join together every evening before dinner to share our experiences. Shana had a creative idea to help us with the sharing. We’ve each decorated the cover of a little notebook to carry for the day. But we won’t be carrying our own notebooks. Instead, every day we’ll carry someone else’s and make notes in it for them. At the end of the trip, we’ll take our personal notebooks home – filled with the observations and meditations other people wrote for us.

            In the photo is the book I’ll be carrying the first day; Shana made it.